Robot Assist Walker RT.2

Easy to walk with power assist

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  • Sensing uses's movement by the handle grip
  • Sensing condition of ground and user's movement with 6-axis motion sensor
  • Real-time controling assist and brake torque based on the seosed data



Confortable assist torque

Assist torque is controlled automatically when you walk on uphill

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Brake toruqe for Safety

Brake torque is controlled automatically when you walk on downhill

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Lateral inclination

Handling assist

You can walk straight in spite of gravity.

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Accidentaly releasing on the slope

Stops automatically

Sensor in the grip handle detects a hand leaves from the grip.

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Automatic brake when detects overspeed

Avoid to fall down

Automatic brake to decrease speed and avoid falling down. Its threshold speed is configurable.

Special Point !!

Configurable to fit your physical condition and environment.

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Also assisting you with friendly voices


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Sitting on the seat when tired.

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Folding with one action.

When folded, the width is 26cm

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Weight is only 9kg

It can be stored in the trunc room of car.

Handle grip height can be chosen from 6 positions

72.5 / 75 / 77.5 / 80 / 82.5 / 85cm

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Compact battery

Continuous walking time is 4 hours

It can carry shopping bagage in the supermarket.


Name RT.2
Model number RT2-01RD (red) / RT2-01CG (champagne gold)
Power supply Litium-ion battery (with dedicated charger)
Operation time 4 hours (*based on the standard walking pattern : uphill, flat and downhill)
Charging time 3 hours
Inclination limit Longitudinal inclination 12% (7 degree) / Lateral inclination 5% (3 degree)
Load's weight limit 5Kg
Weight limit to seat 100Kg
Waterproof level Rainproof (IPX3 equivalent)
Price Open price

*Option module to provide communication function(OsanpoCare Service) will be released later.
*The specification may be changed without notification.

Price(Open price *It varies depending on each supplier)
RT.2 Open price
(Direct sale price ¥133,800[without tax])
Contact TEL : +81-6-6975-6650
e-mail :

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