We supports people and communities to be safe and secure by utilizing robot technologies and providing products and services which work with people and communities closely.

The robot technologies which work with people and communities closely mean the technologies which helps individuals to maintain and continue to demonstrate their abilities.

We are going to provide products and services suitable for longevity and developed country through thorough assesment for and verification tests on actual environments and security risks, which are nesessary for robot technologies to be used in the daily living.


We believe that a wider age group are expected to achieve high productivity in a longevity and developed country, and being able to contribute to community appropriate for each age group will lead to a more sasisfying and rich lives.

In order to allow wider age group enjoy highly developed Internet resources, we will embed technologies with excellent features into products which work with people and community closely. We hope communities to realize higher productivity in a healthier, more living, and wider age group. We will provide products, services and information enabling the `Encore Smart' lifestyle, which is necessary for the aged people living in Japan and the longevity and developed country, for the aged people to be able to achieve productivity suitable for their experiences.

Products for health and longevity

We believe that maintaining appropriate health for each age group and contributing to community for longer time will lead us to more satisfying and rich life. To achieve that, we will provide our products and services for aged people to contribute succession of rich experiences and knowledge and appropriate production activities. Also, we will find the potential demand of those products and services in the wider age group.

Home Care Products

We would like to realize a life which a family takes care of each other. We will develop Cutting Edge Robotics and Internet technologies and integrate them into our product. Combining them with advanced user interface, the product will realize `Encore Smart' life which supports independent living and inter-aged communication.

Future and Vision

We will develop advanced user interfaces by accumulating feedback from many field trials based on passive-passive robotics technologies and technologies of sensor information processing. This user interface connects every device and people and makes it possible to provide internet resources equitably and profitably to all age group.

This technology enables services and products that are responsible for safe and friendly communication, eating habits, and confortable sleep.


NameRT.WORKS co., ltd.
BuisnessProduction and Sales of Living Assist Robot and Development of related technologies
RepresentiveMASUDA Toshiaki
Address1-10-26 Nakamichi Higashinari-ku Osaka-city OSAKA, Japan
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EstablishmentJune 2nd 2014