Privacy policy

Policy for protecting information when questioning

We had established personal information protection policy as below and constructed a mechanism to protect personal information. We will promote protecting personal information by thoroughly recognizing and addressing the importance of protecting personal information for all employees.

Purpose of Use

Personal information which we have received from customers will be used for sending e-mails and documents as a guidance and response of questions from our company.


In order to keep customers' personal information accurate, and to prevent the personal information from unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, leakage, etc., we strictly manage personal information by taking necessary safety measures like maintaining a security system and management system, thorough educating employee, etc.

We may outsource the management of personal information in the work based on the above purpose. We and outsourcing contractors, which we strictly select, determine necessary matters such as management method, confidentiality obligation, prohibition of futher outsourcing, etc. along with signing non-disclosure agreement. We let contractors carry out appropriate management.

Prohibition of disclosure and provision to third parties

We will properly manage the personal information which we have received from customers and will not disclose personal information to third parties without obtaining the customer's consent except following cases.

  • When we disclose the information to the outsourcing contractors to provide the customer services which the customer desires
  • When we disclose the information based on laws and regulations

Policy on access analysis

We will use the cookie to collect data for access analysis to this website system.

Purpose of Use

Data collected through access analysis will be used as reference for formulating our marketing policy and will also be used for maintaining the performance of this website.


We will use Google Analytics for access analysis. When using Google Analytics, we will comply with the terms of use of the service (for example, not linking to the data which can idenfity individuals). Please refer this for the method of data collection and processing.


RT.WORKS co., ltd. owns all contents on this website. It is prohibited to use any content without written permission except of personal use.