Robot Assist Walker RT.1

Advanced robot and network technologies work with you closely and provide new walking experiences.

  • Sensing uses's movement and force by the handle grip
  • Sensing condition of ground and user's movement with 6-axis motion sensor
  • Real-time controling assist and brake torque based on the seosed data
  • Sharing location information by GPS system and walking statistics with OsanpoCare Service



Confortable assist torque

Assist torque is controlled automatically when you walk on uphill


Brake toruqe for Safety

Brake torque is controlled automatically when you walk on downhill

Lateral inclination

Handling assist

You can walk straight in spite of gravity.

Accidentaly releasing on the slope

Stops automatically

Sensor in the grip handle detects a hand leaves from the grip.

Automatic brake when detects overspeed

Avoid to fall down

Automatic brake to decrease speed and avoid falling down. Its threshold speed is configurable.

Special Point !!

RT.1 connects you to your family with communication function(OsanpoCare Service)

It provides various services using GPS system and internet technologies.

Checking activities
(Health Care Function)

Recording walking distance, time and calorie consumption. It can be seen with Smartphone and tablet for health management.

Checking location by GPS system
(Remote Watching Function)

Checking walking path by not only user but also his/her relations living in a far places.

Relief in case of Emergency
(Emergency Notification Function)

When RT.1 detects irregular state, emergency notification is automatically sent to registered relations.

Various CLOUD services

-Advices based on walking statistics
-Providing local informations aroud the position
-Notifications of Broken alert, Maintenance term, etc.

*To use OsanpoCare Service, separate service contract is needed.


You can sit on the seat when you are tired.

Wide seat for relaxing
(Weight limit is 100KG)

Useful big storage

Load weight limit is 10KG.

Folding with one action.

It can be stored in the trunc room of car.

Handle grip height can be chosen from 5 positions

Configurable between 75 - 95cm

Cane holder

It can hold cane or umbrella

Configurable to fit your physical condition and environment.

Assist torque works on inclination of max 10 degree


Name RT.1
Model number RT1-01RDN (red) / RT1-01BKN (black)
Size W510 X L601 X H819〜1019mm (Walking form)
Handle grip height is configurable between H750〜950mm
W510 X L487 X H714mm (Folded form)
Weight Aprox. 15kg
Power supply Litium-ion battery (with dedicated charger)
Charging time 2 hours
Communication function 3G(W-CDMA 800MHz and 2.1GHz), GPS
Load's weight limit 10Kg
Weight limit to seat 100Kg
Waterproof level Rainproof (IPX3 equivalent)
Price Open price

*The specification may be changed without notification.

Price(Open price *It varies depending on each supplier)
RT.1 Open price
(Direct sale price ¥228,000[without tax])
RT.1 + OsanpoCare Standard pack for 3 years Open price
(Direct sale price ¥248,000[without tax])
RT.1 + OsanpoCare Extreme pack for 3 years Open price
(Direct sale price ¥267,000[without tax])

Price will vary depending on the supplier.
Please contact RT.WORKS(TEL : +81-6-6975-6650) about information of supplier.

Contact TEL : +81-6-6975-6650
e-mail :